PHILIA is a communication platform directed towards the exchange of interdisciplinary scientific information, mainly among researchers, teachers and students working in Belgium on fields related to the Mediterranean Antiquity (in the largest possible sense) and its reception.

More concretely, PHILIA is a website regrouping current scientific activities in the domains of ancient Mediterranean studies and offers also the possibility of a common electronic mailbox. It enables every interested person to subscribe – free of charge – by simply contacting the organisers of this mailing-list. Each member will receive and may publish information concerning scientific events (conferences, seminars, lectures, research-projects, thesis-defences), publications (books, journals), job opportunities or any other activity of common interest, organised by a Belgian academic institution or by a person affiliated to one of these institutions.

As you probably have noticed, in spite of the relatively small number of academic institutions in Belgium, it is generally rare that information concerning the scientific activities in this country is divulged largely. Thus, a better knowledge of the work of our colleagues is all too-often impeded. A comprehensive dialogue is generally missing, and we don’t have the possibility to broaden our individual horizon by attending, on a more regular basis, scientific events organised by our colleagues affiliated to other Belgian universities.

The various disciplines devoted principally, partially or occasionally to the study of Antiquity and adopting different standpoints or methods have thus much to win by considering the techniques and results related to the research of their neighbours. Interdisciplinarity among the diverse branches of Humanities and even the exact sciences has become an urgent necessity, but currently, we are still very far from a satisfactory realisation of such exchanges. The initiators of the PHILIA-project, who are themselves exponents of different scientific approaches of the Mediterranean Antiquity and are each one attached to another Belgian University, endeavour to react to this situation in a manner wholly independent of their relative institutional affiliation and without any purpose of gain, simply trying to provide every person interested in the study of Mediterranean Antiquity with the means to cross the borders limiting interdisciplinary and interuniversitary communication in Belgium.